Nutrition is an integral part of life. It is needed for the proper and healthy functioning of the human body. While there is a lot of material on the internet that tells you about the right nutrition and the importance of it, there are certain nutrition books that will blow your mind and guide you to the right path of wellness and well-being.

While there are a range of different nutrition books available, there are some that are better than the others. I have made the task of finding the right nutrition book easy for you by listing my top 3. If 3 is just not enough, you can check out loads more here and here.

Sugar Nation- Jeff O’ Connell

Sugar Nation, as the name suggests, is a book that talks all about different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others. The author of the book, Jeff O’ Connell, talks about being skinny and healthy in the book and also how he diagnosed diabetes, a disease that pretty much maligns your body. It also shows what happens to the body when it is under the toxic burden.

Sugar Nation is a book rich with material regarding different researchers encircling the topic, detailed interviews and more. It is a book perfect for those who want to stay healthy and fit and free from serious diseases such as diabetes.

Protein Powder- Michael R Eades

Protein Powder is a well-known book that focuses on protein and why it is a substance needed by the body to keep the sugar levels under control. It is a book that tells you not to be scared of eating important meals such as beef, eggs, butter and others. You might also expect some light being shed on supplements in the book. The whole idea behind the book is to help you get an idea regarding where your body fat should be and why it is a challenge for people to maintain their ideal body weight. It includes certain samples and a list of incredible recipes that you can follow to stay healthy and fit.

Written by Eades, the book shows how over consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar has already led to deadly diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. It encourages the readers to stick to vegetables and proteins so that the body can maintain its normal hormonal levels to prevent disease.

A must read for people who need insights about health and the right diet, the book is a must read for anyone who wants to stay healthy and eat the right nutrition.

Primal Body, Primal Mind- Nora Gedgaudas

Nora is a famous writer who is well known for her brilliant books. She has gone on to share some important insights regarding health and nutrition in Primal Body, Primal Mind. The book stresses on the fact as to how well programmed we are for a higher fat diet and why we should turn away from such diets in order to avoid major diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and others. The book is also interesting because it guides you regarding what the right nutrition is and should be if you want to stay healthy.

The above three books are an excellent choice of nutrition books because they push you towards eating the right diets to stay healthy and fit.