wedding ringBuying your wedding ring is one of the most momentous decisions you have to make in your life. Do you know why? Because the jewellery that you will choose must last a lifetime. It is such as good feeling to finally reaching the moment when you and your partner will be walking in to a jewellery store to pick for you wedding rings, right? However, it is important that both of you should know which is the best among your options.

When picking your wedding ring, you do not only purchase a diamond centrepiece, you also need to pick the matching wedding band for it. The metals that are used for rings usually vary and there are a lot of reasons for you to choose one over another. All of these options can be very confusing for you when you are already in a jewellery store.

To help you figure everything out, here are factors for you to consider when picking your wedding ring:

  • Wedding Band Metals – Wedding bands are normally made of precious metals. A common mistake that buyers make whenever they search for a wedding band is that they just pick the most expensive because they equate quality with cost. When in fact, some of the most expensive ones like a 22k golden ring, are not practical for everyday use.
  • Gold – Golden wedding bands have timeless quality and it is popular to more generations. It is immensely a valuable metal. Buyers mostly choose colors such as rose, yellow, and white. Karat is the most important thing that you should consider when buying gold rings.
  • Platinum – If you prefer buying a ring with a white gold colour, platinum is the best option for you. It is one of the strongest metals that has a natural white colour. It is also very durable and attractive compared to gold and silver. There is no need for the enhancement of rhodium. The price is more expensive than gold but this is really the best choice if you are after value and quality. Platinum rings are pure compared to gold wedding rings and has 95% pure platinum content.
  • Sizing – Before buying a wedding ring, you should already know the size of the ring that you need. Most wedding rings could be resized but titanium rings and tungsten carbide rings are not resizable. Always refer to the return policy of the seller if ever you purchased wedding rings that do not fit. Know your size first before bidding on the most expensive item in the jewellery store.

These are just a few factors that you should consider when picking your wedding ring. These are very helpful for you to make the best choice for you and your partner. Always remember that picking your wedding rings is not a so-so decision. Careful choosing is needed. Review these factors before buying your wedding rings so that the item you will pick will surely last the entire lifetime you are together.