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vinyl records

The Vinyl Revolution is Here

If you’ve noticed a growing number of beautiful, often vintage-style retro vinyl turntable designs in your local tech store or online, you’re not alone. As a buyer of music you’ll also have noticed a fast-increasing collection of contemporary artists releasing new music on old-style vinyl.

vinyl records

It’s a powerful trend and if, like us, you’ve long mourned the death of the record, you’ll be thrilled at the way time seems to have folded back on itself. Vinyl records are back with a vengeance, the youth market can’t get enough of them and older music lovers like us feel right at home. The Music on Vinyl website even provides an extensive list of shops where you can buy the stuff.

What’s going on and why? Read on…

Music Sounds so Much Better on Vinyl

Ask any dedicated music lover and they’ll tell you there’s a noticeable difference between digitally recorded music and tunes laid down on vinyl. They’re right. Vinyl does sounds better than a CD or MP3 ever could. In fact digital recording causes music to sound distorted as well as stripping out all the personality, depth and texture. Vinyl, being analogue, just doesn’t suffer the same issues. It’s crisp, clean, detailed and real-sounding.

Why The Return to Vinyl?

It isn’t just a perfectionist thing, nor is it simply a sound quality thing. It’s also an ownership thing. There’s an incredibly dramatic contrast between ‘owning’ an invisible string of ones and noughts downloaded onto a gadget, which you can neither see or feel, and a real, honest-to-god 3d item with a nice heft which comes inside a decorative sleeve, sometimes with cool extras like posters and booklets.

You can line up records on a shelf, take them to parties with you, spend time reading the sleeve notes, lend them to your mates… records are real. In a world where an increasing amount of our leisure time is spent online wandering around a binary world that doesn’t really exist, a real, solid item like a record feels entirely, totally, deliciously different. As such it’s also about rebellion.

Supermarkets Join The Love Train

The British supermarket giant Tesco agrees: vinyl is fabulous. In autumn 2015 they announced they were on course to become the first supermarket this side of the Atlantic to sell music in vinyl format. Back then Tesco’s decision was tipped to set off a chain reaction in other supermarkets, no surprise when in 2014 vinyl sales hit an impressive 1.3 million in the UK, the most since 1995, marking a massive 2% of the total 2014 music market.

Tesco’s vinyl adventure kicked off with the release of Iron Maiden’s album The Book of Souls, sold in 55 Tesco Extra stores. Sainsbury’s joined the party in autumn 2016, selling LPs for the first time since the 1980s thanks to a roaring success in the shape of Adele’s 25. Sainsbury’s sold an awesome 300,000 or more of Adele’s  album, and they now sell a host of records including classics including the Beatles and Nirvana as well as contemporary artists. The price of an album? From around £12.

A Blend of Vintage Good Looks and Contemporary Guts

The last time vinyl was a big deal, you wouldn’t see a single vintage record turntable or retro turntable in the shops. If you found one, it’d be on sale for next to nothing. Now they’re climbing in value. A genuine 1960s retro vinyl player, the kind of thing that was made to look like a piece of trendy furniture, can cost hundreds in good working order.

A very simple turntable with internal speakers is one of the most popular of the new-breed machines, about as far from high tech as it gets. They look gorgeous, and their traditional vintage good looks are boosted thanks to USB ports and other neat yet basic modern electronics. From the outside it’s a vinyl record player, inside it features a range of tech functionality that makes even the simplest portable turntable perform beautifully.

The Electrohome record player is one of the best vinyl record player brands, a brand new retro record player that works brilliantly and looks really good, stylish and cool. Many of them are portable, which adds an extra dimension to playing your records. Pick up your player, head out the door and plug it in at a friend’s house for an instant house party.

So what can you play these days on the new breed of portable vinyl player? It’s actually hard to find a contemporary artist or band that doesn’t release tunes on vinyl. The same goes with old stock. David Bowie’s back catalogue is available on vinyl, as is more or less everything else that’s considered a classic that you care to mention.

For those of us who thought we’d never see records in the shops again, these are very happy days.


Factors to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Ring

wedding ringBuying your wedding ring is one of the most momentous decisions you have to make in your life. Do you know why? Because the jewellery that you will choose must last a lifetime. It is such as good feeling to finally reaching the moment when you and your partner will be walking in to a jewellery store to pick for you wedding rings, right? However, it is important that both of you should know which is the best among your options.

When picking your wedding ring, you do not only purchase a diamond centrepiece, you also need to pick the matching wedding band for it. The metals that are used for rings usually vary and there are a lot of reasons for you to choose one over another. All of these options can be very confusing for you when you are already in a jewellery store.

To help you figure everything out, here are factors for you to consider when picking your wedding ring:

  • Wedding Band Metals – Wedding bands are normally made of precious metals. A common mistake that buyers make whenever they search for a wedding band is that they just pick the most expensive because they equate quality with cost. When in fact, some of the most expensive ones like a 22k golden ring, are not practical for everyday use.
  • Gold – Golden wedding bands have timeless quality and it is popular to more generations. It is immensely a valuable metal. Buyers mostly choose colors such as rose, yellow, and white. Karat is the most important thing that you should consider when buying gold rings.
  • Platinum – If you prefer buying a ring with a white gold colour, platinum is the best option for you. It is one of the strongest metals that has a natural white colour. It is also very durable and attractive compared to gold and silver. There is no need for the enhancement of rhodium. The price is more expensive than gold but this is really the best choice if you are after value and quality. Platinum rings are pure compared to gold wedding rings and has 95% pure platinum content.
  • Sizing – Before buying a wedding ring, you should already know the size of the ring that you need. Most wedding rings could be resized but titanium rings and tungsten carbide rings are not resizable. Always refer to the return policy of the seller if ever you purchased wedding rings that do not fit. Know your size first before bidding on the most expensive item in the jewellery store.

These are just a few factors that you should consider when picking your wedding ring. These are very helpful for you to make the best choice for you and your partner. Always remember that picking your wedding rings is not a so-so decision. Careful choosing is needed. Review these factors before buying your wedding rings so that the item you will pick will surely last the entire lifetime you are together.

Fitness Books

Top 3 Nutrition-Related Books

Nutrition is an integral part of life. It is needed for the proper and healthy functioning of the human body. While there is a lot of material on the internet that tells you about the right nutrition and the importance of it, there are certain nutrition books that will blow your mind and guide you to the right path of wellness and well-being.

While there are a range of different nutrition books available, there are some that are better than the others. I have made the task of finding the right nutrition book easy for you by listing my top 3. If 3 is just not enough, you can check out loads more here and here.

Sugar Nation- Jeff O’ Connell

Sugar Nation, as the name suggests, is a book that talks all about different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others. The author of the book, Jeff O’ Connell, talks about being skinny and healthy in the book and also how he diagnosed diabetes, a disease that pretty much maligns your body. It also shows what happens to the body when it is under the toxic burden.

Sugar Nation is a book rich with material regarding different researchers encircling the topic, detailed interviews and more. It is a book perfect for those who want to stay healthy and fit and free from serious diseases such as diabetes.

Protein Powder- Michael R Eades

Protein Powder is a well-known book that focuses on protein and why it is a substance needed by the body to keep the sugar levels under control. It is a book that tells you not to be scared of eating important meals such as beef, eggs, butter and others. You might also expect some light being shed on supplements in the book. The whole idea behind the book is to help you get an idea regarding where your body fat should be and why it is a challenge for people to maintain their ideal body weight. It includes certain samples and a list of incredible recipes that you can follow to stay healthy and fit.

Written by Eades, the book shows how over consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar has already led to deadly diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. It encourages the readers to stick to vegetables and proteins so that the body can maintain its normal hormonal levels to prevent disease.

A must read for people who need insights about health and the right diet, the book is a must read for anyone who wants to stay healthy and eat the right nutrition.

Primal Body, Primal Mind- Nora Gedgaudas

Nora is a famous writer who is well known for her brilliant books. She has gone on to share some important insights regarding health and nutrition in Primal Body, Primal Mind. The book stresses on the fact as to how well programmed we are for a higher fat diet and why we should turn away from such diets in order to avoid major diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and others. The book is also interesting because it guides you regarding what the right nutrition is and should be if you want to stay healthy.

The above three books are an excellent choice of nutrition books because they push you towards eating the right diets to stay healthy and fit.

Publishing Without People?

Publishing Without PeopleIn a favorite seaside resort on the south shore of England, there flourished a modest publisherPublishing Without People? to get several years. Priding itself on the good quality of its own work, the organization gained the trust of writers who came back with second and third novels, guaranteed in the knowledge that every manuscript would be carefully proofread and edited, an appealing cover designed as well as a volume made to the best standard. Jointly with regular correspondence above several years and writers were encouraged to call in work to talk about advertising promotion, personal relationships were created. Then abruptly without warning, all came to a conclusion.

Writers would continue to run using exactly the same name but at the east midlands place and received a long letter from a different publisher, based in the east midlands, saying the small business were taken over. It was asserted that economies of scale, integration of operations, etc. would give higher efficacy. No reference was made about individuals, plus it had been difficult to envision that staff resident on the south shore would need to go to an industrial city far. In answer to your direct question, the CEO of the marauding publisher affirmed that not one of the staff that was old had been kept. Could it be the same firm if each of the individuals were not same?

To the majority of folks there is a firm several individuals within an organisation having a mutual goal. A business of soldiers, for instance, is one of the smaller fundamental units of the military of about one hundred and twenty men or girls. Synonyms which were proposed for business are fellowship, companionship and society, all words which are joined with individuals residing or working jointly having a collective interest or goal. Yet, another dictionary definition of company is ‘an association created to conduct business.’ It arrived as a jolt to be presented together with how a business could be only a name that was documented, a legal title that was disembodied.

The predator had got the company name’s bank account, it and most of the contracts using its writers. It had a legal right to apply all the existing contracts had procured all the legal documents and so. Yet one believed that the contracts were broken. The folks one had signed up with were no more to work, and one was given no option to accept or reject the replacements. Publications at an advanced phase of creation were suddenly thrust to the hands of individuals that were new as well as goodwill and the trust was lost. Folks: staff and writers, new and old, were of no report in a takeover war in which a firm was only an association created to conduct business.

John Powell

John Powell weaves a story of pressure and intrigue to the lives and loves of the Mainu family as well as their buddies, against the wealthy social, ethnic, economical and political history of the very first four decades of Ghana’s autonomy, in his two novels: The Colonial Gentleman’s Son and come back to the Garden City.

An Honest Self-Publishing Review

An Honest Self-Publishing ReviewThis report will detail the most fearless self publishing tricks you need to ponder upon. I don’t promise to be a master in self publishing. I nevertheless consider no one is because each day is a learning procedure for each and every writer.

The wisdom in self publishing just starts when you can finish when in addition, you determine to cease this and choose to begin printing. I’m not against those writers who claim to be experts of self publishing. I only possess an individual belief that each day is a learning day in which you find knowledge that is new and improved. You grow upon every publication.

Over time, I’ve compiled a few of the very reliable self publishing tricks writers should understand. That is most especially to those just starting out. A number of them might not be what you would like to learn but I would just like to talk about these to you personally and it are what I learned.

The Most Genuine Self Publishing Tricks every writer should understand:

1.) You have only just started. Your draft is your book’s start. Yes, it’s just first. You all had your share of sleepless nights. The building of the choice of words and paragraphs and sentences. And then you eventually complete your draft.. Congratulate yourself, you’re on the road to completing your chef-d’oeuvre. But the journey has just started. You have quite a ways to go.

2.) You could be better. The draft is similar to an incomplete puzzle. You’ve got the bits but you must solve the puzzle. The draft is just the stream of words not and unorganized ordered. The following step would be to edit. Read completely. Read the next step again. Seek out mistakes in grammar and sentence building. Assess your choice of words. And boost your bit. 3.) You Want assistance. Your editing pays to have another person read your work although you could have done it. A second opinion can enable you to perfect your volume.

4.) Your Publication is unable to be sold Unwrapped. You have so that you’ll undoubtedly desire a cover to dress your publication. Don’t just pick any cover you discover. Have the very best fit for the publication. Design and the cover will depict your piece. Consider it in this manner, in case your novel will an auction? What are you going to do for it be sold, stand out and be found?

5.) Extravagance is a No. don’t believe more highly than you should. Be realistic. Establish that’s affordable. Don’t overdo it.

I was made a successful writer by these self publishing tricks. Aspiring writers can use those additionally. There are a large number of self publishing tricks accessible online. The option is really yours. The most significant trick in this enterprise is make your goal work and to pay attention to it. Consider and you’re going to certainly be on top of your game. I really hope you’ve got enjoyed reading of these self publishing tricks.

6 Publishing Scams To Avoid

6 Publishing Scams To AvoidIt is heartbreaking. You there at the writer ‘s table is a row of smiling hopefuls, eager to market their publications and visit a local honest. A few are wonderful novels, either self- made or printed by conventional publishers. But many are badly written, badly made, with bindings that were affordable and amateurish covers. The writer ‘s grins are wearing thin as they recognize the world is not flocking to purchase their publications, and they are just starting to question if there is something wrong with this image.

Score another. The inferior writers, without understanding of the business end happen to be snookered from hundreds as well as 1000s of dollars and have instances of unmarketable publications functioning as doorstops that were quite expensive.

In these days of POD (publish on demand) technology, the vanity presses may guarantee to send the novels when they have been ordered, which alleviates of being forced to warehouse the publications the writer. But the conceits still charge huge amounts of the writer as well as cash is left with broken dreams and an empty bank account.

Or worse. Some scammers deliver nothing in any way and take cash from hopeful writers.

The good thing is that having a tiny bit of knowledge, it’s not overly difficult to see a scam. Below are a few clear red flags to check for:

Red Flag #1: “We’ll publish your novel for JUST $595!”

Recall that one rule above all: you are paid by valid publishers to print your novel. You should not need to pay one to release your work if you don’t decide to self-print.

You must compose the best novel it is possible to to obtain a novel released. You work with a present marketplace guide to find the most suitable publisher, and have to analyze industry. You submit your manuscript by means of a regular manuscript format, which will be described in the majority of books that are great on releasing and writing. You visit work in your next job while you wait to get a response. In case a publisher is interested, you will be contacted by an editor as well as make an offer. The publisher can pay you an advance against royalties, and you’ll get royalties on sales that is additional, the loan is brought in back. Your broker or you might sell other subsidiary rights, including movie rights or foreign translation rights. Odds are quite high, on the other hand, that the manuscript will likely be rejected. If this occurs you send the manuscript there and choose another publisher on your own list, then return to work in your next job.

If you would like to self-release, the easiest way to do it would be to make your own small publishing company. You give your business a name, you select a print service that is good, file for copyright and you purchase the ISBN number. Should you pay for “releasing,” but the novel bears the imprint of some other publisher, that business is a vanity publisher. A print service that is good will support one to make use of your personal imprint. There is a far greater opportunity of finding a vendor in the event you are using your personal imprint to take your publications. Vanity publishers are steered away from by most vendors.

Try to find an excellent book binding service if you would like merely several copies, including a memoir meant just for family.

Red Flag #2: “Writers needed by leading publisher!”

No valid publisher ever must advertise for writers. All leading publishers
have enormous slush piles piled high with much more manuscripts than the publisher will ever have the ability to make use of, the majority are of inferior quality. In the event you see an advertisement in the trunk of a magazine that provides to “publish” your novel, or indicates that the publisher “need” writers, odds are high it is a vanity press.

Red Flag #3: “We understand the secret for immediate success!”

There’s no “immediate success” in the publishing world. Most well-known writers worked hard for a long time to become an “overnight success.” Although a brand new writer will be propelled by a fortunate break to the very best of the bestseller list, but remember, their story is only one. Most writers never get that form of recognition. Be careful in case the opening page of the website talks about how exactly your publication might be a bestseller. Actual publishers do not make those types of guarantees, because they understand the reality of the publishing company.

Red Flag #4: “Conventional publishing is dead/a rip off/not worth your time and effort.”

A publishing company that disparages conventional publishing is nearly surely an outright scam or a vanity publisher. What the vanity are disparaging are long-recognized fair companies that carefully choose the manuscripts which are most prone to sell and pay the writers for the rights to release these works.

Red Flag #5: “We’ll record your books on!”

Having your book listed on is as simple as going on the internet and also filling out a form. Everyone may do it. As well as a listing is not a guaranteed path to success. In this very day and age of online commerce, something less than 10% of all publications are sold. A large proportion of publications can be bought through bricks and mortar bookstores. While you might perhaps have the ability to talk your neighborhood bookstores into taking your self-released novel, the lone way to get it is by getting a vendor to take it. That may be pricey (which is one reason that supply isn’t bothered with by the dressing tables), and providers will not reach dressing table publications (which is the other motive). Bookstores and providers likewise do not enjoy POD (publish on demand) novels, in case they do not sell because they can not be returned. Booksellers, unlike most companies, anticipate to find a way get their cash back and to return or destroy unsold books. This is the way that it’s, although it seems ridiculous to other companies. In the event supply services can’t be offered by the publisher to get your book into bookstores, it is not a publisher.

Red Flag #6: Poor review on Writer and Preditors and Editors Beware

Yes, it is actually spelled that way, for alliterative purposes. Preditors and Editors is shrewd guidance to writers and a site chock full of scam cautions. Writer on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America web site, has an inventory of present scam alarms. Both are useful when studying an expected publisher. If any publisher disparages either of those websites, beware!

It is possible to prevent most releasing scams if you’re able to see these red flags. The easiest way to safeguard yourself, however, would be to prepare yourself in regards to the publishing business. Read as numerous books on releasing and writing as you are able to get your hands on. Learn how the business works, and learn how to promote your work you’re writing for. Stay abreast of business trends by visiting their web site or reading Publisher’s Weekly. Having a tiny instruction, it is possible to help set the scammers out of business.

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